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We are super excited about our new boutique addition!!
                                           We have added some fantastic scented candles to our product line.                                           

All of our Candles are made out of Coconut and Soy Wax Blend . 
Candles come in 8oz or 16 oz, Add one or more to your home today!!

Candle Descriptions and Scents below:

  1. Bee's Lounge- Hints of flower and sweetness,                                    11. Seeds of Water- Fruity blends with  hints of Watermelon,

  2. Blossoming- Clean ginger with a hint of citrus,                                 12. Queen's Crown- Moroccan Oil, with citrus hints,

  3. Butter Rolled in Cream- Hints of Vanilla with a Creamy Center,    13. A Wander In the Forest- White Birch and soft Tree smells.

  4. Cucumber Salad- Clean smell of Cucumber and Verbena,               14.  Wanna Taste?- Pomegranate with ripe fruit blends

  5. Dessert Menu- the delicious smell of Coffee and Dessert,                15. Strawberry Patch- Strawberry scented with a touch of sweet

  6. Dolled Up- Blueberry mixed with Flowers (Fancy),                          16. The Pitt Sisters- Pitted fruit scents, includes Apricot and 

  7. Heart In the Sand- Sandlewood with an additional musk hints,                                      other tree picked scents.

  8. Lady Holiday- Rose with hints of fruit,

  9.  Dolphin Ride- Dark Ameythst with hints of the Sea,

  10.  Pie Not Cake- Hints of Cinnamon and Pie,


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